Burrito and Dumpling follows two gal pals bent on adventure! Hailing from the bustling village of New Fork, Burrito and Dumpling face immense pressure in not only trying to live up to the Grade A adventurers who made their hometown famous, but trying to beat them to the next big quest! Can our two doughy heroines cut the mustard?

Burrito and Dumpling’s world is entirely populated by food. They literally eat, breathe, and sleep the stuff! In addition to sentient foods, such as our two leading ladies, there are non-sentient foods which are both for eating and making up the numerous environments and landscapes. As Burrito and Dumpling would say, “It’s a real Foodventure!”

From the local Adventurer’s Guild in their hometown of New Fork, to the Soy Sea or Fungus Forest, our heroines are on the ultimate quest to be the ultimate adventurers! But competing with the legendary likes of professional questers such as Mussel Mountain, Durian the Putrid, and the Tough Meat Gang is no easy task.

Our ladies aren’t the type to shy away from a challenge, however, and they’re ready to get their official Quest Qards punched at the completion of each exciting
adventure. To prove they belong with the cream of the crop, they’ll face the dreaded Yeast Beast, Calamari Kraken, and any manner of monsters or fiends!


Burrito has all the ingredients of a hero: brains, brawn, and…guacamole? She is the more calculating of the pair, though her guile is equal to her timidity.

She is somewhat prone to panic, but that’s just because she’s wrapped tighter than most. Dumpling’s erratic actions contribute to Burrito’s fits of hysteria, but they’re also what snaps her out of them. No matter what, Burrito refuses to let her plans, her friend, or herself be foiled.

Neither sidekick, nor side dish, Dumpling is a fiery and impulsive little food sprite. While Burrito wastes time formulating a plan, Dumpling likes to charge into a situation and sort the mess out later.

Her mischievous personality gets the duo in and out of trouble on a daily basis. Despite getting steamed by her best friend’s careful nature, she thinks Burrito is anything but a “bore-rito” and would go to the ends of the world to help her.

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